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The best silicone for your DIY sex toys. The only type of silicone safe for penetration is platinum cure silicone and the most popular supplier amongst indie sex toy makers is Smooth-On. Now, Smooth-On makes all sorts of silicones that are unsafe for sex, so make sure you double-check before investing in buckets of it.

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In either case, make sure to thoroughly clean any leftover clay out of the mold before casting the final product! 3 The Silicone Casting Process. The fourth video in the series focuses on making your own dual-density dildo. This process involves two molds— one for the firm inner core, and one for the plush outer layer.

Homemade Dildo: A Complete Guide to Making One

This is your best bet at making something close to the realistic dildo by yourself. For this, you put the set ready and make it heat each other. If the penis is erect, you make an impression. In the next step, you will make a mold into which the silicone is poured. Depending on the set, the silicone needs about 24 hours to harden. Then you hold the self-made, movable dildo in your hands.

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It's essentially a silicone putty that, once activated, will adhere to any other platinum cure silicone, allowing you to customize your toys to your liking. This, of course, doesn't stop you from making your own DIY sex toys from scratch, but this will drive the price way up since you'll need much more putty to achieve this.

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Molding your own silicone is by far the most complex method of building your own sex toy. Moreover, it’s the most expensive way to make a dildo, so if you’re just looking for a bit of fun, you should buy one instead of producing it on your own. There are many silicone dildos that can easily be bought online, with full privacy. If you decide to make a silicone dildo, you’ll need plenty of tools and materials, which requires you to pay quite a decent sum upfront.

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Cut a hole in a cardboard box slightly bigger than the width of your toy, and tape the latex so that it hangs into the inside of the box. This is where that extra two inches of latex come in handy. Put in the silicone slowly, squeezing it down through the bottom of the latex to make sure there are no air bubbles. 5. Enjoy

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When you make a silicone sex toy, you’re inevitably exposing the silicone to air, creating small air bubbles which can cause flaws in your toy and affect its structural integrity. In part 5, Brandie shows you how to use a vacuum chamber to “degas” your silicone – remove the air bubbles out of it, leaving it incredibly stable and strong.

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MIX - HOLD - POUR - REVEAL: This silicone mold making kit was developed to create a high-quality, realistic vibrating dong replica that you can make easily in the comfort of your own home. MADE WITH BODY-SAFE MATERIALS: The Clone-A-Willy silicone mold kit consists of casting mold powder made from high-grade alginate derived from seaweed with a ...

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I first saw this how-to on making silicone dildos, but the suggestion that one use silicone caulking seemed a bit sketchy, and a bit more searching around seemed to confirm that silicone caulking is probably not great for putting in your body. The clay model and latex mold method seems unproblematic, but I could be wrong.

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Make sure any slits in your mold are aligned properly, secure it with duct tape, and then pour in your final silicone. The way you pour it in will determine the patterning of the toy. Let it cure at room temperature, then carefully peel the mold away, and voilà - you have a shameful phallus replica.